Christmas Magic (Black Cat Antiquities Book 2)


Engaged couple Molly Hendrickson and Lucian Lord are looking forward to a peaceful holiday. Lucian is a reincarnated lord from the middle ages with magical abilities. He’s also a member of The Experts, a group devoted to protecting the world from evil magic. Molly is learning to develop her own abilities, with Lucian’s help. Unfortunately, their enemies, known as The Dealers, will stop at nothing to disrupt Lucian and Molly from joining their powers and getting their happy ending.

Christmas Magic is the sequel to an earlier book, Hot Magic, and follows the story of Molly and Lucian that began in that book. While it would be helpful to read the beginning of their romance, the author does a good job of filtering in details that fill in any gaps and allow the reader to enjoy this story on its own. The description of magical elements, including enchanted items such as plates and boxes, is well done. There are numerous supporting characters, most of whom are cats. Readers will adore Galahad, a reincarnated teenage squire, who was cursed by the wicked Agnes to accompany Lucian through their many lives. You can almost hear his haughty British accent each time he speaks. There is a promise of something devious about to happen when The Dealers attempt to split up Molly and Lucian with tainted cookies made by the town’s resident temptress. Unfortunately, the action was only lukewarm and didn’t really deliver. However, if you’re a fan of lighthearted fantasy, this one is sure to entertain you and tickle your funny bone.

N.E. Kelley