Thorn Bearer: Thorn Raven, Volume 3


SCI-FI: It has been four years since Lilian faced the choice death or servitude. Once a promising warrior from the best of families, Lilian has had to endure disgrace and extreme physical mistreatment, along with humiliating prejudice and condemnation over those years, but, she never gave up. Through sheer genius, determination, and fortitude, she has risen to heights no one ever dreamed possible. There is just one last hurdle before she can finally enjoy her triumphs. The evil cancer of despoilers must be excised for good if there is any hope of stabilizing the 12 systems and protecting the people who inhabit them, and Lilian discovers her true heritage places her in the direct line of fire!

What an exciting ride this series has been! Lilian is a heroine that every reader can love and cheer for as they watch her finally demand her place and receive the recognition she so rightly fights for. In this finale, everything that has made the series so addicting comes to a head. Traitors are revealed, evil is fought, and Lilian is intrinsically necessary to the outcome. The story is intelligent and the world building is intricate and believable. The characters jump right off the page with depth, flaws, and nuances that make the reading a truly enjoyable experience.  This story cannot be read as a stand-alone, however. To understand much of the plot-line and characters, one must take the journey from the beginning. But for Sci-fi and romance lovers, it is well worth the effort. Top-notch storytelling doesn’t come better than this!

Ruth Lynn Ritter