The Heart of a Storme (The Storme Brothers, Book 2)


Lady Jane Marsden is the belle of the ton, but she wants to marry for love. Respectful of her duty as the Earl of Worcester’s daughter, she refuses to marry for less, even though her father would have her marry a Duke. Broken-hearted twice already, she’s determined to find her true love no matter the cost. The third time must be the charm! Major Phineas Storme is sure of two things: he’s an inconvenience to his family due to his war injury and he’s a coward. He couldn’t fulfill the last wishes of his best friend in a timely manner and once he finally did work up the courage, his best friend’s wife threw his efforts back in his face. When Jane sees Finn across the room at a get together, she’s drawn to him in a way she hasn’t been in a long time.

Readers will love this book for its different take on historical romance. Lady Jane’s sense of self and sheer force of will are a breath of fresh air in this genre and certainly not something we’ve come to expect from this time period. Finn’s vulnerability is another welcome change we see as he struggles with his mental health and adores his emotional assistant, his cat named Wellington. Jane and Finn’s love story will keep you turning pages so you can find out how it ends as soon as possible. Will Jane’s determination win out in the end, or will Finn’s depression drag everyone he loves to the bottom of the river with him?

Heather McCoubrey