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Zoey Wright left home over a decade ago, fleeing tragedy and heartbreak. When her career stalls, she makes a last-ditch effort to grab a promotion and ends up back in Harmony, Illinois, as a result. But in order to get this promotion, she must help the man who broke her heart in a special collaboration between their companies.

Lady Alexandrina Lawson has no interest in Society. A widow, her disaster of a marriage has made her wary of Society events and the marriage mart. Unfortunately, when an encounter with a drunk draws the Earl of Harwood to her rescue in a manner that could prove ruinous, her choices become few, allowing him to save her or give up all chance of reuniting with her son.

William “Raff” Cooper, Duke of Ruffian, a confirmed bachelor, attends Dalton’s ball and decides to wed. At the ball, Raff sees Evangeline “Angie” Dalton. The attraction is instantaneous. Raff dubs her his Angel and wants her as his wife. Angel is painfully shy yet holds a secret: she is in love with someone else. But she is forced to marry William due to her family’s failing finances.

Divine Vintage
Sandra L.

Tess Burton loves heirlooms, prompting her to have her own store, Divine Vintage, in Michigan City, Indiana. When Tess gets invited by Carver House’s proprietor to model clothing from Phoebe, an ancestor and the young, doomed bride of Edward Carver, Tess jumps at the chance. In doing so, Tess meets Trey Dunmore, cousin of the owner, who is modeling clothing of Edward.

As a second son, Colonel Quinn Beckham is quite satisfied with his career as an English secret agent. Taking dangerous chances for the Crown suits him just fine. Then he suddenly inherits his late brother’s title as Earl of Rosemont, a rundown estate, crumbling under its debts, and what’s more troubling, two young nieces.