Spears and Shadows - Defenders of the Light, Book 1


Nora Zvezda, a historian for The Chicago Field Museum, is hoping her work on the new Eterian weapons exhibit will be her promotion ticket. She enlists help from handsome professor Adam Scott, an expert in ancient languages. Imagine her surprise when she discovers he’s a powerful sorcerer in an ancient secret society called Eteria. When the dark entity known as Shadow is drawn to Nora and the museum because of the Eterian weapons she's working on, Adam defends her in dramatic fashion! The two are drawn to each other, but Adam still has a secret that may alter their feelings for each other. Nora, Adam, and the remaining warriors and defenders of Eteria pull out all the stops to defeat the Shadow. Will the existence of a secret society overload Nora's already crazy work life balance? Will Nora's and Adam's feelings be strong enough to blossom into love? Will their plans to thwart the Shadow succeed?

Filled with romance and action, "Spears and Shadows" is a promising introduction to a world where everlasting love and the ongoing fight between Good and Evil abound! An Where sorcerers are disguised as professors, where the girl participates in her own protection, and where love transcends the restrictions of time. Main characters are relatable and likeable while secondary characters provide subtle side stories. The story's pacing is a little slow, however the ominous presence of The Shadow is a constant throughout the story. This new world being crafted by S. C. Grayson promises to be an interesting and intriguing world into which readers will gladly want to escape.

Tonya Mathenia