A Magical’s Gift: The Magicals Series, #5


Amelie Ricard has been told stories of fairies all her life by her mother, and with the help of her friend, she goes to college. Now Amelie Ricard has a master’s degree in folklore, and when her thesis is rejected for a prestige fellowship in favor of a male colleague, she feels she has no purpose in life. Then she meets Niall Ward, who is very handsome and charming, and makes her feel incredibly special and cherished. Amelie and Niall both throw caution to the wind and pursue a passionate relationship that leads them down a road that neither expected to be taking. Niall Ward comes from an extensive line of wizards, including his father, but he has no desire to be the next wizard.

“A Magical’s Gift” is Book 5 in the Magicals Series, and is a enjoyable addition! The author has created a delightful world, filled with fairies and wizards, who are at war with one another and will do anything to destroy the other. What the fairies and wizards do not count on is one from each species falling in love, which has the potential to bring the species closer together. The reader will love the connection and passion between Amelie and Niall, but may feel that the tale could have had more romantic scenes between them. The pacing is a little uneven at times, slowing in some places and flying by with action in others. Though this story can be read as a standalone, readers would probably get far more enjoyment if the series were read in order. A fun way to spend the afternoon!

Victoria Zumbrum