The Dance of Love (The Book of Love 14)


As a favor to Rafe Quinton’s cousins, Lady Augusta Nesbit is to bring the Book of Love to him. Lady Augusta is visiting her father’s aging aunt and discovers her house has been burned down. Rafe Quinton is a widower with a young son and is magistrate of Exeter, who is investigating the fire at Lady Augusta’s aunt’s house. As Auggie and Rafe work together on solving the mystery of the fire, they find themselves falling in love.

“The Dance of Love” is book 14 in the Book of Love series and is a sweet historical romance filled with murder, mystery, and love. The characters are relatable, especially Rafe and Auggie, for whom the reader will be cheering. Both are extraordinarily strong, intelligent, and caring, and the romance between them is sweet and believable. The reader will love Auggie, who has no interest in men who want her money and is in no rush to marry. Rafe is a handsome widower who is always working, yet he’s remarkably close to his son. Rafe’s son, Sam, is such a cute and smart boy, who knows what he wants and is not afraid to tell his father. The reader will enjoy the relationship between Sam and his father, and the connection he has with Auggie. Auggie’s aunt is one tough bird who will not tell Auggie the truth about the fire and her nephew, whom she adores. The mystery and murder just bring more to the story, and the reader will be rooting for Rafe and Auggie to figure it out and get their happy ever after.

Victoria Zumbrum