Fire and Amulet


Trelleir is a true dragon and the last of his kind. His magic allows him to take human form. His only human friend is Deneas, a dragon slayer who is sent on a quest by the village council to kill all dragons and come back with proof. Trelleir was friends with Deneas’ mother and still mourns her loss every day, but vows to protect her daughter at all costs. Deneas traces her slain mother’s footsteps and faces each obstacle along with Trelleir, who follows and watches over Deneas on her journey.

“Fire and Amulet” is a romantic fantasy that takes Deneas, a badass heroine on a dangerous adventure where she learns everything in the world is not what it seems… and what really happened to her mother. Deneas learns she cannot trust the village council and they are not telling the truth. Helen Henderson, the author has a well written story with complex and unique characters. The reader will love the connection between Trelleir and Deneas who are far more than friends and have connections on every level. Deneas has a lot of courage and strength which she learned through her mother and knows how to fight for what she wants. The reader may wish for more romantic scenes between the two, but will enjoy their relationship nonetheless. The obstacles that all the characters face throughout the story will keep the reader engaged. One will enjoy also following the second slayer’s journey as he sets off to destroy Deneas, and see how much he changes. An incredibly engaging story that readers will not want to end!

Victoria Zumbrum