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FANTASY:  “Dreamthief” begins in the contemporary world, but also takes side trips to Faythander, the land of the fairies.

“Learning” is book one in The Dragon Chronicles, and takes place in an alternative time on a campus for magical folks. Despite all the shifters and elven kind wandering the school grounds, dragons are a vague memory. Dr.

The Lost Girl

Young Joe Walker rescues a baby girl from certain death and though she’s Chinese, his family makes a decision to keep her and name her Charity.  Unfortunately, in a small mining town in Wyoming, this decision changes their future since Chinese are not welcome or appreciated.

Christi Bell

Christi Bell is a girl at a crossroads. She’s lost her almost fiancé, hates her job, and her only friends in the world are moving away.

A Time for Everything

By the end of the Civil War, Portia McAllister has lost everything, including her husband and baby daughter. She finds her will to live when she answers an ad to be a tutor in a neighboring town, but her new situation finds her a Confederate widow in Union war veteran Beau Stanford’s household.