The Irish Warrior (A Norman Conquest Novella)


In 1075 England, Sean O’Cisoghe has travelled from Ireland to pledge his love to someone, only to find her marrying another man. Bitter and angry, he’s in no mood to have a young lad accuse him of stealing a horse he acquired honestly. Thomasina MacDonell, dressed as a lad, is hiding from her father and the man he sold her and her horse to in lieu of his debts. Sean realizes the lad is a comely lass but keeps up the pretense for a while Norman-controlled England is no place for a beautiful woman traveling solo. He keeps her with him, hoping to find the brother she trusts to save her from their no-account father’s plans.


“The Irish Warrior” is a fabulously entertaining story of two loners thrown together during the Norman Conquest era in England. Ms. York’s knowledge of the land’s history lends to the excellently-crafted storyline interwoven with familial deceit, warring clansmen, conquered lands, and of course, the heated passion of the well-developed characters. The sharp banter and well-honed dialogue between Sean and “Tommy” are an added bonus to this enjoyable read. Other than a situation with the wardrobe that didn’t ring true and some minor typos, this entertaining foray into Medieval England will keep any reader glued to the pages from the first exciting paragraph to the last! Excellent job!

Lori Leger