The Crusader's Heart (The Champions of St. Euphemia Series - Book 2)


MEDIEVAL:  The Crusades are the backdrop for this harrowing tale where faith, misfortune, love, and duty collide in a tumultuous swirl of deception and bravery. Christina, a woman of unfortunate circumstances, and Wulfe, a love-leery, Templar knight, develop an unlikely connection. Alike in many ways, they must set past wrongs to right if they ever hope to have a happy future together. Their journey from Venice is a dangerous one. Wulfe and his band of brothers were tasked with the delivery of a priceless reliquary. Whisked away in the heat of battle, the Templar knights raced to their Paris stronghold except a discovery derailed their progress. The discovery of a traitor in their midst. As their journey continues and becomes more perilous, the opportunities for mending the Crusader's heart become less likely. 

The author created a believable tale true to medieval lore and traditions. Her attention to detail transports the reader while honoring the past. The reader finds themselves in the time of lords and ladies complete with impassioned characters, time-specific dialogue, and rigid societal customs. One will experience the time of old where knights roamed the world on quests and dutiful maidens waited for their betrothed. The story draws a person in, but the pacing lags in parts of the plot making certain bends more tiresome than enjoyable. That being said, her research and captivating characters enriched the overall experience making this is a worthwhile read. 

Amy Willis