Rising Mist (Kundigerin - Book 3)


Max Maitland has recently discovered that his future is not his own. Since discovering his family's calling, he has been cast as his married sister's shadow. Following his sister, her husband and another Kundigerin couple around the world, Max's aspirations have taken a backseat to his pre-destined role in the war of good versus evil. Max chronicles the group's altercations with demons, recording their experiences for future generations. The more time he spends with his sister and brother-in-law, the more he longs for a future - a wife, children, a home. Doubting his dreams, Max practically gave up, and then, he meets a free-spirited artist. Their connection is instantaneous. Now he needs to convince her of their bond, pray she'll take a chance on him, and make his deepest desires come true.

Things that go bump in the night is a common storyline told a myriad of ways. This tale's twist on the theme comes from the family's Germanic heritage lending a fairy tale feel. The Grimm-like vibe woven through the plot line is intriguing. The passion between the characters and their occasional awkward moments are sweet too. Where the story falls short is with its pacing - three-fourths of the book has been read before any real interactions with the demon take place. The big, climactic scene is over before you can fully experience the build-up, leaving the reader deflated. The lack of physical conflict between the forces of good and evil detracted from what could have been an exciting read. 

Amy Willis