The Other Side of the Stars


Gita is a woman missing pieces of her past. Her fleeting memories disturb her, but not even her parents will give her the answers she needs. Why did they steal away to America during the middle of World War II? Why did she have to change her name? Why don’t they have any friends in their new country? And why does her father have a lockbox and a tin of cash under the floorboard? Her questions seem to go in circles until Max, the man her family has sent her for an arranged marriage, shows up on her doorstep. He isn’t at all what she imagined and has secrets of his own. They grow closer, but must work together to unravel the past so they might have a real chance at a future.


Books about World War II and the concentration camps can sometimes be dark, but this book explores the hope and tenacity of those caught in an unthinkable situation. The author tackles the difficult themes in a subtle, yet thought-provoking way that will draw the reader in and let them experience the physical and emotional fallout from the war along with the characters. The way Gita and Max’s lives intertwined was so unexpected the reader will definitely think about this one for days after they close the book. A standout debut novel about a difficult subject that will surprise the reader with the interwoven aspects of intrigue, romance, and the strength of the human spirit.


Kate Campbell