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Dark Steel
Le Veque

Oblate (pre-vows nun) Grier de Lara, knight Dane Stoneley de Russe, and warlord Davies ap Madoc form an unrequited love triangle with elements spun from Shakespearean tragedy, a fairytale improvement of circumstances, and poetic influences from “Dream Deferred” by Langston Hughes mixed with dynamic battle scenes set in the Welsh Marches in the 1500s.

Lady Mairi MacGregor is engaged to Laird Patrick MacEwan, but she’s in love with Laird Aaron MacRae. The family feud between the MacGregors and MacRaes started a year earlier and adds to the complications in this tug of war between duty and desire. Mairi’s and Aaron’s siblings’ concern for their happiness is pivotal.

In a quirky town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, twenty-something siblings Hope and Chance are much more than human. They come from a family steeped in generations of supernatural gifts and legendary portents. With their respective loves, Griffith and Berta, they work to keep their secrets hidden from the outside world when a nosy stranger comes to town. 

Being on the same flight with a demon is no place for a dark angel, but Jaime is on the run from both her past and her traitor husband. Needing to protect her unborn child, she lands in Thailand, which brings its own set of problems. When a suspicious death finds Jaime in handcuffs, she is rescued by a powerful ally who has demons of her own.

Nothing Personal
Carol A.

SCI-FI:  Tam typically spends her time balancing her waitressing job at a tavern and firefighting classes at a community college. Then she wakes up in a hospital after losing her sight and hearing and finds herself living on a space station where she is one of the few humans among a community of sapient lizards and birds.