Recent Reviews

Father Divine's Bikes
Steve Bassett
Narrator: George Kuch

CRIME:  There is an entire cast of characters populating this book set in Newark, New Jersey circa 1945.  The title comes from a con-man bookie who runs numbers for the mob under the guise of managing teenagers' paper routes.  There is a turf war brewing between the Clarion and the Beacon newspapers — with the money to be made from the routes and from the numbers game.  Two young teens are caug

In Too Deep
Tracey Alvarez,
Narrator: Amy Soakes 

Piper Harland, of the Police National Dive Squad, lives in Wellington, New Zealand.  She is from Stewart Island, but has not been home in nine years—ever since her father died at sea a few days after her heart was broken by her first love, West.  After a body recovery dive dredges up some buried heartache, Piper faces inner conflicts at work, and takes some time off.

The Phoenix Syndrome
Claire Gem,
Narrator: Sharon Cline

CONTEMPORARY/WOMEN'S FICTION:  Tristan Allard is the drummer for the progressive metal band, Dreamwish.  His wife died of cancer several years earlier, and they perform a benefit concert in her honour each year on the day she died.

When Lauren Walsh returned to her hometown of Masonville, North Dakota, she expected it to be as a newly single woman, not a new widow.

FANTASY/ALTERNATE HISTORICAL:  The Ministry of The One Truth is on the warpath, intent on exterminating all magical people in the world.  Master of The Keep, an enchanted fortress, Alarick Brandon, is tasked with rescuing and protecting as many magical people as possible.  While on a recovery mission at a ravaged magical village, Alarick finds the sole survivor, Elissa Stone.  Elissa claims to