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A Lockdown Love Affair
Kirsten S.

Thanks to a global pandemic and the subsequent city-wide lockdown, Ben’s whole life has been put on hold. As if that were not enough, there is a tantalizing stranger on a nearby rooftop, and he cannot stop thinking of her. Penelope is shocked to learn about the lockdown in the middle of sorting through her grandparents’ estate.

During Edward I’s rule, war is constant. At the moment, their main enemy is the Welsh. Robert Fitz-Stephen slaughters a man and boy who charge at him, not realizing they are allies. As a result, he is forced to take the daughter of the man he just slaughtered as his wife. Eleanor is young, but wise beyond her years. Robert doesn’t see her worth and brings another woman with him to their home.

LGBTQIA/M/M:  Wolf shifters live complicated lives. The wolf presents itself inside its human when the human is a teen. For this reason, a pack created a school in the forest of Maine. The pack leader is named Diego, but his pack doesn’t always make leading easy. Grant has taken a position at the camp and he and his wolf meet another she-wolf.

Wynn Gallagher has been betrayed before, but that didn’t stop him from rising to the top of Hollywood. He may play a superhero and could have all the friends and women in the world but instead withdraws from society. The role of a lifetime has actually worn him down, and he would do anything to get out of his contract. That is where the lovely but fierce Scarlett Corrigan comes in.

During the Renaissance in Italy, Celeste Gabriele will do anything to help her family. Her mother died and her father is a drunk who doesn’t care for his children and has ruined their good name. Her name gets her a position as a nanny. Her charge takes painting lessons from Luciano Vincente. She listens during the lessons and draws in rare moments of solitude.