Pretty Little Lyon (The Lyon's Den)


HISTORICAL: Charlotta Walcot is being blackmailed! Desperate to protect her father, she does the unthinkable and braves the infamous Lyon's Den to seek the help of the owner. Peregrine Frost, aka Lord Septimus Grey, often investigates for the owner, but he is unprepared to discover Lottie there, the only woman he has ever loved. Charlotta is not interested in marriage; she wants to be treated equally and to explore the artifacts of the ancient world. Most especially, she is devoted to her father. Lord Grey threatens her carefully constructed plans. But none of it will matter if the blackmailer has their way. As pressure mounts, Lottie discovers a secret that imperils everything and everyone she holds dear. Can Lord Grey persuade her that love can be the answer?

"Pretty Little Lyon" sweeps the reader up with a tale of intrigue and second chances! Its themes are of self-discovery and sacrifice in the name of love. Charlotta is an intelligent woman, chafing the restrictions that limit her sex. Yet, throughout the story, her reactions are emotional rather than demonstrative of her intellectual ability. Lord Septimus Grey's undercover activities tantalize, but we never see him actively investigate, although he solves the mystery quickly at the end. Even so, both characters are relatable, and their past, one of young love, will resonate and explain why Lottie finds it difficult to trust in a man who broke her heart and left her. The pacing, tension, and romance draw the reader in so that the final twist packs a powerful punch.  "Pretty Little Lyon" is a stellar addition to the Lyon's Den series and will delight its fans!

Tricia Hill