Return to Wylder


CONTEMPORARY: Emma Jane is a big real estate lawyer in San Francisco, but finds herself torn when her father’s sudden passing pulls her back to her small hometown of Wylder. She always promised to come home and join their family law firm, but now it’s too late. Emma must sort out the details of her father’s firm, while also managing his clients. Unfortunately, that takes more time than she planned when she realizes Dylan Addison, a famous millionaire, is one of those clients. Emma is left to decide if she should sell the firm or come home to take over the business like she always planned. As she struggles to decide what is best for her and her mother, she begins to realize another factor may be at play: her relationship with Dylan Addison.

Maria Imbalzano is fantastic at creating convincing emotions through narrative, which makes for an easy and compelling read. The extreme height of the emotions seems rather unrealistic, specifically between Dylan and Emma. She was home for only two weeks, bombarded with the grief and stress that came with her father’s death, yet she dove into a very steamy relationship instantly. While it isn’t impossible, there is a lack of realism in that aspect that makes the characters seem rash and immature, despite being sophisticated people. The dialogue sounds technical and perfect as it lacks the tone that usually comes with casual dialogue. Despite the unrealistic aspect of the dialogue and the new relationship, it is an easy and fast read that would be great for an easy afternoon!

Sadie Wilson