The Donut Guy from Beachside: A Beachside Boys Novella (The Beachside Boys Book 3)


CONTEMPORARY: Leo Cusano is usually confident and able to do awesome things. So why is it that when he sees the woman from the food truck, he turns into an idiot? Arie Winters enjoys serving people desserts at Beachside. The sun, sea, and of course the hot guy who installed the AC in her truck. The powers that be have given her one month to show them what she’s got and is able to make her food truck a success. When a local competition means she is teamed up with Leo, the cold desserts will be needed to cool down the searing heat between them. However, her bosses are unhappy when they find out that she’s been mixing her desserts with Leo’s. Can she convince them that it’s the best thing for her business? And can she and Leo figure out their feelings for one another, or will it all go pear shaped?

The third installment to The Beachside Boys series is a fun read for the hot days of the summer. Granted, the mentions of ice cream and desserts may cause some cravings, but who doesn’t love ice cream and a good read? Leo and Arie are very cute together and their dynamic is enjoyable. The plot has a lot going on with the main characters’ feelings, the competition, and the issues going on with Arie’s bosses, but it all comes together in a nice package. “The Donut Guy from Beachside” is a fun little read that will pass a fun few hours, and a good addition to the series!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick