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Lady Blythe Welborne has one love, Pitt Rutherford. Even when both Blythe and Pitt were children the affection was there. Seven years later, both Pitt and Blythe have grown up. Blythe is a much-respected lady who is back to celebrate her friend’s wedding, and Pitt has become an outlaw with devious intentions.

Konstantine Petrakis, owner of the posh Ocean Pearl Resort, can’t figure out who is stealing all of the great marketing ideas for the place. Konstantine could lose more money if they don’t find the culprit soon. He decides, in order to find the person, he will take on a secret identity and become Dean Peters, ordinary hotel maintenance man.

When he is wounded and then piled under dead soldiers, Colonel Matthew Romney is sure he is going to die. But luck is on his side when he is found by a woman who will change his life. Bethany Phillips is looking for herbs when she is caught in the crossfire of a battle, she takes cover until it’s over. When the battle has ended, she finds an injured man under a pile of dead bodies.

SCI-FI: Lady Valoria and her Avenging Angels defend Azura with a fierce tenacity. When Keoke Mahoe gets through numerous defenses to deliver a message, Valoria is very impressed with his abilities. What he tells her could bring forth a chaos and devastation that could not be imagined. The appearance of a dangerous enemy army could mean the loss of life for countless of Valoria’s people.

Lady Brynne Weston made a pact with her brother’s friend when she was fourteen years old. If they’re not married in ten years, then they will marry each other. Brynne grew up and forgot about the pact until a familiar face returns to claim his bride. Lord Lachlan Campbell has matured into a very sexy and handsome man. But her family would never approve the match so they elope to Gretna Green.