For the Murder


Diana Van Doren, an exiled crow shifter, fights for her right to become part of the murder. Unfortunately, her father tends to steal and has recruited Diana to help him. One of his schemes creates tension between him and a demon. In an effort to save his own skin and make amends with his murder, he enlists Diana to go on a dangerous journey to find a knife that has the power to kill any supernatural being, including demons. On this journey, she runs into Sasha Sokolov, who has his own mission. The two form an alliance as they face a multitude of supernatural beings out for blood. They encounter an unusual complication when they realize their magic has bonded, and now, they must decide if they betray each other or unite.

Every character is brought to life with brilliant personalities. Ms. Ash effortlessly portrays the heart of the characters through their thoughts and behaviors in a way extremely difficult to achieve. Diana and Sasha have strong character arcs bringing the story to life. It is inspiring how Diana grows into an independent woman as she discovers her real family. Sasha encourages her independence while still striving to protect her. He also finally realizes he has a pure heart despite his servitude to one of Hell’s generals. Natsu and Nobu are a great addition to the plot. It would have been nice to see stronger descriptions of the supernatural beings, since many paranormal novels take different approaches, but the vagueness did add a sense of mystery that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Overall, Gabrielle Ash creates a complex, supernatural world, at once beautiful, mystical, and horrifying.

Sadie Wilson