Kiss or Dare (The Debutante Dares Book 3)


Lord Devon Pennworthy receives a mysterious letter at a house party. Devon is able to figure out the letter was written by Miss Lillian Clarke. Devon doesn’t really care for Lillian, especially since she always seems to be underfoot. Devon stays at her house, to be Lillian’s father’s apprentice. Devon must figure out how to make a perfect cup of coffee in order to buy a coffee house. Devon almost gives up, except for Lillian, who annoys him yet somehow inspires him too. When Devon and Lillian kiss, the mystery is solved. When Lillian and Devon are caught in a compromising situation by Lillian’s father, they must marry. A marriage isn’t what either want. Lillian will not be able to help the wallflowers and Devon won’t be able to get his coffee house.

Charlie Lane definitely writes a highly amusing and entertaining historical romance! The story moves fluidly, with many captivating plot twists and humorous situations. The unusual romance topic of coffee and coffeehouses is brought to the forefront. Coffeehouses apparently were just as popular back then as they are today, which lends an added layer of interest to the story. Even though “Kiss or Dare” can be read as a stand-alone, it might still be helpful to read the previous books in the series to understand the story and really learn the true nature of the characters. The many tropes involved, from opposites attract to enemies become lovers, get a bit tedious at times. Both Devon and Lillian might be self-indulgent, but they are wonderful characters even with all the mistakes they manage to make. This unique Regency romance is truly a delight!

Roslynn Ernst