The Andromeda’s Captain (The Andromeda Chronicles #2)


SCI-FI: After Princess Kylee disappears after she was meant to have married Prince Maju, Queen Miyako can focus on one thing: where is her daughter. After sending the guards to search Kylee’s bedroom, a cellphone is discovered hidden in the bedpost unveiling hundreds of video diaries. To Queen Miyako’s surprise, she doesn’t understand Kylee as well as she thought she did. Throughout all of this, the Queen’s blames a fugitive, Taren Platinum. During this time, he is scheduled to be executed, shifting responsibility for protecting the kids to Jael, who wants nothing more than to return home. If Taren is successfully executed, he will take secrets with him about humans and Mirelings that Dr. Esabrae Mortimer desperately wants to know.

The beginning of this novel picks up exactly where the first novel left off, so it is recommended that readers start with book one, “The Andromeda’s Ghost.” Becca Fox uses impeccable imagery that creates a world that is clearly different from ours as she describes the environment and the appearance of the Mirelings. The social hierarchy resembling medieval culture is unsettling initially, as the cover and title seem to indicate something different, but it grows more understandable as the story goes on. It is beautiful to be able to feel the characters’ emotions, especially the fear and uncertainty Queen Miyako feels while wishing for her daughter’s safety. This family dynamic is a great inclusion and will be relatable for many readers. Additionally, this display of emotions carries over to both Jael and Dr. Esabrae, as they search for family and the answers they desperately want to find.

Sadie Wilson