Facing the Enemy


MI6 operative Elise Taylor needs to heal from her latest on-the-job injuries. Her family’s castle in Scotland is just the place for down time, except while home she must adhere to family traditions which include using her birthright title, Lady Elise Henderson. Harry Benson, also an MI6 operative, has been recently assigned to investigate an arms dealer in Scotland. Unfortunately for Harry, not only is his father in the hospital, but Harry has no one to babysit his young son, Sammy. As luck would have it, Elise agrees to help watch Sammy—who creates plenty of havoc throughout the castle. Just as she learns how to stay on her toes with a curious child, Elise discovers Harry is going to keep her busy, too. She fights her heart’s desires for Harry

From high-speed chases to formal balls, “Facing the Enemy” entices readers with the thrill of intriguing spies tempted by romance. The roller coaster rides in the opening scenes are on point. Elise and Harry effortlessly carry their own believable storylines. Elise’s medical issues and heartache are relatable as are Harry’s struggles being a single father and his effort to be a caring son. Elise casually asking Harry to the family ball is a stretch since their history alludes that romance would not happen between them again. However, Paige Edwards does an excellent job of smoothing out the past to make the future romance possible. The fight scenes are hold-your-breath moments! Who doesn’t like a good romance tangled with guns and a dash of bad guys?

Moira Wolf