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Sweetwater, Kansas, has a plethora of couples splashing in the fountain of love. These two tales of second chances provide a cascading downpour of passions to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of happiness.

Because her abusive husband destroys her reputation by forcing her to pose for a pornographic portrait, a disgraced Emmaline is banished to a convent after he is killed by pirates, and her father is too embarrassed to let her return home. Determined to regain her place in society, Emmaline escapes the convent to locate the stolen painting.

During the twelve years of marriage to a man old enough to be her grandfather, Lady Diana manages to gain the friendship and trust of her elderly husband, and the respect and loyalty of their servants. She can do nothing about her husband's spoiled, spiteful children remaining cruel and unwilling to be civil. She is perturbed when her brother hires a Mr.

LGBTQ: When his archeological dig is attacked by armed raiders, Xenoarcheologist Dr. Alec Coimhead grabs an ancient tablet that induces a vision of an emerald-eyed, winged angel battling demons. He awakens to find that he and his best friend Dr. Clementine Armistead have been saved from the attack by a group called The Praesidium.

Chained Reaction

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE: Softhearted Camille is blackmailed into helping two of her sleazy coworkers kidnap a man for ransom. After coming to the aid of two women locked out of their car, oil tycoon Trenton Shade wakes up chained to an antique barber's chair.