Taming Her Highland Legend (Time to Love a Highlander #2)


When Dr. Evie Wortham is sent away for thirty days after an altercation over a patient, she finds herself deep within the wilderness of Scotland trying to sort out her life. As she runs through trees and waterfalls to save a kitten, she stumbles upon a 13th century Highlander, Chieftain Quinn MacTaggart, who is suffering a serious injury. When he finally comes to his senses, she notices she may be further from home than she realized. Despite their differences, Quinn is grateful for her rescue and pledges to protect her from harm if she accepts. She must learn to adapt to the new world she was thrust into or die trying to find her way home.

This novel is full of intricate details that brought the world to life as readers are taken back in time to the thirteenth century. Everything from the dialogue to the scenery aided in creating a realistic timeline. The romance is breathtaking and there is a tremendous amount of character development between Quinn and Evie. It is nice to read a historical romance that comes with realistic apprehensions rather than passions fueled without any regard to the plot. Additionally, the tensions among the clan add to the dynamic nature of the world Evie had inadvertently traveled to. It becomes clear that she and Quinn believe she is brought there by fate and given a purpose in that time with all her knowledge. Overall, this is a fantastic read that will have readers wishing they’d fall into thirteenth century Scotland.

Sadie Wilson