A Cold Wynter's Knight (De Reyne Domination Book 3)

Le Veque

disappeared with rumors swirling that he had tried to overthrow his older brother. Gage did what he had to do to survive and now he is back on English territory, part of a mercenary army paid to settle a dispute between neighbors. Wynter is shocked to run into Gage for he is no longer the young compassionate man she remembers, but a warrior made of ice. Gage is equally shaken by the woman Wynter has become and must find a way to reconcile his past with his present and deal with his brother once and for all. Wynter knows her heart's desire and isn't willing to compromise. Can she find a way to melt the ice surrounding her warrior knight so that they can have a future together?

"A Cold Wynter's Knight" sweeps the reader up into an emotional tale about love, family, friendship and betrayal! Kathryn Le Veque's superb storytelling skills are on display once again. Wynter will delight readers with her Bible plays, her love for her sisters, and her deep compassion. Gage proves to be her equal, not falling into stereotypes, but working through the emotions of returning to his homeland and dealing with the fallout from his past. Le Veque wrings out every drop of emotion from each scene, so prepare to laugh and prepare to cry! Minor subplots in the antics of Wynter's sisters add humor, while the consequences of war remind readers of the frailty of life. "A Cold Wynter's Knight" is an outstanding historical romance that exemplifies the genre!

Tricia Hill