Witch’s Gamble (Witches of Vegas 3)

Mark Rosendorf
Narrator: Jeffery Lynn Hutchins

YOUNG ADULT/PARANORMAL: Vampires Isis and Zack have been living in relative peace with the witches of New Salem for nearly 200 years. Together, they’ve built a community and helped raise the next generation of witches. When Isis wakes up to discover that not only is Zack gone, but the world has been thrown into chaos, she learns that her ancient rival Valeria is the root cause. Now Isis must go back in time to try and set things right once more. In doing so, she can save the man and community she loves—but there is always a price, and Isis will never be the same again.

“Witch’s Gamble” is an electrifying installment of Mark Rosendorf’s Witches of Vegas series! From start to finish, the book is nonstop action! Isis and Zack face their most terrifying challenge yet as a couple: challenging time itself! While Isis is the only one who actually travels through time, her relationship with Zack is always present. It adds an interesting layer to Isis’ journey and the decisions she makes. The time travel situations are handled well. Mr. Rosendorf takes some of the familiar story elements of the genre and gives them a slight spin, leaving them familiar enough to not jar the reader, yet adding enough excitement to keep the story fresh. Isis goes through a lot of emotions, and most only have the surface scratched. The bulk of the story focuses on the adventure components. Overall this is a wonderful addition to the series, though readers will have to read the other books to understand what is happening fully.

Mr. Hutchins’ performance is energetic and engaging! He does a great job at bringing all of the characters to life, especially Isis. His vocal differentiation is solid for the most part. Only a few smaller characters blend together on occasion. His pacing fits the scenes perfectly which helps add more impact during the emotional moments.

Lovers of paranormal romance and YA adventures will devour this book!

Chelsea Andersen