Thoroughly Besotted (The Aldbey Park Book 2)


Julia Darley finds out that her friend, Pasha, is in fact Darius Kir Khan Qajar, Prince of Persia. She thought he was just a stable hand, but that doesn’t change anything. This isn’t the only secret that Pasha is hiding; he has quite a few. One of the main ones being that he is in love with Julia and wishes for nothing more than to be with her. As the Persian Assassin, he is concerned when his enemies arrive in London and are determined to make him suffer, even if that means going after the woman he loves. Julia and Pasha have a dangerous time head of them. If they survive, will they realize their feelings for one another? Or will Pasha’s enemies succeed in tearing them apart?

This historical romance has everything that fans of the genre will love. There is also the suspense of what will happen which makes this a page turner of awesome proportions. The characters of Pasha and Julia are beautifully written, and their dynamic jumps off the page and into the head of the reader. This is a book that will be thought of long after it has been finished. “Thoroughly Besotted” is an excellent addition to the “Aldbey Park” series, and those who haven’t read the first novel will be going back to see what they’ve missed. With a plot that is engaging and suspenseful as well as being set in historical times, Chantry Daws has for sure knocked it out of the park.

Lynn McKendrick