Recent Reviews

Bennett has learned the hard way not to rely on anyone. Surviving both child and spousal abuse, Bennett is slow to commit and slower to trust. It took her two years to trust the women she now sees as sisters, but if she is going to support her daughter, she is willing to do anything, but she has no plans to risk it all for a man, even one as handsome and kind as Nash.

Nathanial Mulbury needs a second chance. Upon the death of his brother, Nathanial finds himself with custody of his four-year-old nephew, but he has several months left on his six-year prison term. The only place Nathanial can continue to serve his time and care for his brother’s son is Hope Eternal Ranch, a work-parole ranch contracted with the prison.

Posey Campbell has suffered an ill-fated relationship and has resigned herself to remaining single. She doesn’t understand why her family and friends insist on trying to matchmake her with their acquaintances. As New Hope’s schoolteacher, she has plenty of reasons to be content until a trail-worn U.S Marshal arrives in town with a smile that threatens to upend her plans.

REGENCY:  Lord Appleton has never lost his head at the gaming tables, yet in a single night he cannot remember, he has gambled away his fortune, and now his debts are being held by a vile man who seeks Appleton’s sister’s hand in return for the I.O.Us.

VICTORIAN:  The Honorable William Haddington is having no end of trouble wooing the woman he loves. Prone to bumbling scholarly recitations when attempting to flirt with his best friend and love, Lady Amelia Fellowes, William and his friends attempt to plan his proposal at Brooks club.