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FANTASY/ALTERNATE HISTORICAL:  The Ministry of The One Truth is on the warpath, intent on exterminating all magical people in the world.  Master of The Keep, an enchanted fortress, Alarick Brandon, is tasked with rescuing and protecting as many magical people as possible.  While on a recovery mission at a ravaged magical village, Alarick finds the sole survivor, Elissa Stone.  Elissa claims to

Mitch Abram’s life has spiraled out of control since the death of his wife, Eve, left him with three young girls to raise, as well as a household and business to run. He’s drowning under all the disarray and pressure. Abigail Jamieson’s life was shattered when her husband left her a year ago, taking their young daughter. Sadly, they both died in a car accident, leaving her in pieces.

Winner Takes All

Storm Thompson had it rough while growing up. Sheltered Colleen Gardner had her daddy’s money, but little else. Storm and Colleen were best friends, until the night before graduation when Colleen shattered Storm’s trust. Now they are both grown up, changed people, and back in Liberty Ridge to compete for one million dollars.

STEAMPUNK/SCI-FI:  Vanessa Hargreaves, Scotland Yard inspector and agent for Victoria III, is tasked with disposing of a box known as the Cook Box. The box contains something deadly that will destroy the world. Vanessa, along with her trusty automata Alphonse, transverse America to get rid of the box before others can get to it.


When Casey and Nate wake up one day, everyone is gone. As Nate is looking throughout his hometown he comes upon Kelvin, a dog that somehow is able to talk at times. Strangest of all is a weird shimmery light at most of the JET gas stations which turn out to be “portals” to a regular world filled with people.