Merry Ex-Mas


Delaney Silverman hasn’t been home with her family for nearly a decade. Instead, she lives in Manhattan making a living in marketing, until she is forced to return home to the Silver Bells Christmas Tree Farm that her family owns after her father dies of colon cancer. Upon returning home, her handsome ex-fiancé, Travis Harper, picks her up from the airport. Faced head-on with her past, Delaney must come to terms with everything she left behind to follow her dream career. This could be her second chance with Travis, or it could be another opportunity for her to walk away again.

Delaney has come back to Silver Bells Christmas Tree Farm to arrange her father's funeral and comfort her mother, Ruth. Delaney and Travis spend a lot of time together, and they agree to have a no strings attached relationship with each other while she is in town. These two very adoring characters are finding it hard to let go of their relationship this time around. Their love for each other has never faded, which is made very apparent throughout the story. From Travis trying to adopt his foster daughter, to the difficult relationship between Delaney and her mother, the connections between the characters are very relatable and will surely pull at the reader’s heartstrings. The plot moves along at a good pace, with a great combination of romance, conflict, and intrigue. Ms. Janette does an amazing job of creating a nice and cozy holiday read with just the right amount of drama and spice.

Jennifer Shepherd