Dangerous Knight (Gentlemen of Knights Book 6)


Captain Jack Owens has served in a dangerous line of work under the command of the Duke of Wellington all in the hopes of escaping from underneath his wretched grandmother’s thumb. When he returns home, the young spy finds that much has changed since he left, and Kate Rafferty seems to be at the center of it. The young woman had served as a servant to his grandmother, tidying her estate, and controlling the finances. When she’s finally free of the witch, she discovers Jack is to be her guardian. As the two pull away from one another, avoiding the shimmer of attraction between them, they must find a way to keep each other safe and plot to stop the ruin of the Prince Regent’s celebrations.

A magical wand and a magnificent imagination are the only ways in which an author like Elizabeth Johns could create such an enticing romance, with beautifully poetic writing that sweeps readers directly into this Victorian love story full of yearning, dramatic plot twists, and enviable true love. The purity of the novel just proves the accuracy of this day and age—the secret wants, the short kisses, and the soft caresses are everything the Victorian era should represent. The physical part of the love story is dry, but the author captured the simplicity of the couple without pushing it over the top. The storyline, though, is the best part. Readers are constantly shot with spikes of adrenaline and anticipation, wondering what will happen next in this twisted conflict of catching the bad guys. Ms. Johns magically creates one of the best Victorian novels ever seen.

Austen Grace