Just For A Moment (Blue Collar Romance Book 4)


Grace Holland grew up in the small town of Oak Blend before tragic events forced her family to move away. When Grace finally comes after inheriting her grandfather’s beautiful home and hanger of World War II aircrafts, she runs into his longtime friend, Aaron Beckett, who just happens to be the hot piece of man she needs. Aaron was best friends with Grace’s grandfather, who was always there for him with his struggling duties as a single dad to his young daughter, Piper. When Grace and Aaron meet, it’s an instant attraction that isn’t shaken throughout the entire novel. Even though their connection sticks, the town of Oak Blend seems to hold a lot of hidden surprises for the couple. Will they overcome their turmoil, or crash and burn in the end?

Any reader who picks up this sexy tale will need a fan to help them break through the thick steam coming off what’s written in this romance novel. The chemistry between this couple continuously gets hotter and hotter. The novel is short, so the love story does feel rushed, but when the characters feel an attraction, they go for it no matter what stands in their way. The story has a heart-warming background of a woman coming to her hometown even after a heartbreaking incident, however, the plot is a bit anticlimactic. Readers won’t really see many other memorable secondary characters—and if they do, those characters have little depth which diminishes the potential storyline. Kate Carley still manages to bring it all together for a wonderful story full of deep love, highlighted with scenes of steamy passion.

Austen Grace