Milo (Dark Moon Falls #2)


Skye Huntington is hiding in Dark Moon Falls after both of her parents are murdered. There she crosses paths with Milo Hart, a handsome lawyer and shape shifter. Milo steps in as a knight in shining armor when Skye is harassed by a man at a bar, and the two become inseparable. Both of them carry secrets that begin to unravel as the story progresses, and Skye is forced to make a very difficult decision. Can she trust Milo, or is she seeking refuge and safety from the one thing she is running from?

This story is told in a fast-paced, dual perspective. The characters are loveable, fun and sexy. There are various paranormal elements within the story, including Skye’s very interesting vampiric characteristics, such as her inability to stay in direct sunlight. The romance is very quick moving, and the reader may find it to be unrealistic. However, Skye and Milo, as well as many of the other characters in the story, are quite charming and incredibly well written. The town of Dark Moon Falls could have been described a bit better, as it appears to be a very foreboding place. More details of the town could potentially create a better atmosphere for the events that occur. All in all, “Milo” is a very suspenseful and intense read, with plenty of hot and steamy romance mixed in. Griscom does an excellent job of keeping the reader guessing until the very end with an incredible twist that the reader will not see coming.

Jennifer Shepherd