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A Perfect Heresy

Koi is an outsider, separated from the Citizens by a wall created to keep those who were perfect in, and the others out. Tired of being oppressed, the outsiders rebelled. Now the Great War has ended and the voice is dead, the once prosperous city has fallen, leaving behind fear and desperation. Koi has lost all but one of Xir family, Xir sibling Sky who was abducted by city soldiers.

Enigma Tracer: Enigma Heirs-Book 1
Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey
Narrator: Derek Shoales

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Phillip Pliant is the CEO of Pliant Industries and a wealthy plastics broker. He manages multiple businesses (some of which are questionable), with his current ventures focused in the Caribbean. He has promised wealth and opportunity to the area but is failing to deliver. R-Group is now led by Gracie and the other family heirs.

HISTORICAL: London, 1851, the Great Exhibition celebrates the arts, industry, and modern technology of the times. Miss Kara Levett, an expert in creating elaborate automaton mechanicals, gets admission with Mr. Niell Kier's help. Niell forges intricate iron scrollwork into exquisite artistic screens and gates.

Beautiful Dangerous

Hannah Patel is a Public Defender in Philadelphia, and is quite good at her job. One of her latest clients received a guilty verdict… Hannah was cold-cocked; she received a black eye along with a couple days off. Her solace is rowing. She’s athletic and strong, and often goes solo. When a mysterious note appears on her windshield she’s alarmed, knowing she’s being watched.

Kirkpatick Industries is a high tech gaming company and currently employs Harper Vale. She’s been working on a top-secret project, along with her team of four others. The owner believes there is a leak in his company and hires the Brothers Inc. team to do a thorough investigation and uncover the mole doing harm from the inside.