Beautiful Dangerous


Hannah Patel is a Public Defender in Philadelphia, and is quite good at her job. One of her latest clients received a guilty verdict… Hannah was cold-cocked; she received a black eye along with a couple days off. Her solace is rowing. She’s athletic and strong, and often goes solo. When a mysterious note appears on her windshield she’s alarmed, knowing she’s being watched. A co-worker sees the note, and suggests she should speak to a friend who may be able to help her situation. Doyle Murphy is currently on a self-imposed hiatus from his SVU day to day job. He’s very good at criminal profiling; however, when his promise to protect another fails, he’s unsure if helping Hannah is a good idea. Can he get back in the game or should he swear off law enforcement for good?

“Beautiful Dangerous” is fast paced, high drama suspense. Ms. Flade knows exactly how to grab readers’ attention from the start! The main characters earn reader’s admiration...

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