A Pride of Brothers: Dylan


Kirkpatick Industries is a high tech gaming company and currently employs Harper Vale. She’s been working on a top-secret project, along with her team of four others. The owner believes there is a leak in his company and hires the Brothers Inc. team to do a thorough investigation and uncover the mole doing harm from the inside. Dylan is the brother with the most cyber tech knowledge, so he’s the one that’s undercover as the new guy at KI. He has his sights set on the team of five, and he starts his dig with Harper. Getting to know her on a personal level and worming into her world is his plan. Can he uncover the responsible party before more leaks occur, or will he lose his professional decorum and fall for the one he’s scrutinizing?


Ms. Jaegar launches another hit installment in the Pride of Brothers series! Book number four has a focus on Dylan, however, the band of brothers and their respective partners all make appearances throughout. This very much stands alone, but really… readers need to...

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