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MYSTERY: Enid Longbourn is a pariah, shunned by all. Several years prior, she eloped with John Longbourn, who proves to be extremely abusive. Now a widow and a mother, she lives at home with her parents. Word is, her friend Eugenia has murdered Phineas, Viscount Rushcliff. His brother, Greydon Campden, is determined Eugenia will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Scarlett wears shadows like a comfortable coat, and has hidden from society since both her parents were murdered by the Royal Police for being talented. Scarlett portrays her friend, Georgette Ward, jewel of the social season at a ball to flush out the assassin making threats to her life.

Dorothea Barbant has been kidnapped by Roderick Westinghouse with the assistance of her father, and managed a daring escape in the carriage storage box of Colonel Lionel (Lion) O’Toole and Corporal Blythe. Lion is thought to be illegitimate, and discovers some surprising family secrets from the Earl of Ruthford, his grandfather.

Of Mist and Memory

TIME TRAVEL: Sydney Richmond has been working hard for years all for one goal: to buy her own Scottish island—and she’s got the perfect one in mind! Oorlich Isle is everything she’s wanted, and it’s for sale! And haunted. The resident Highlander ghost has scared off all the previous owners. Sydney will not be one of them!

Rebel, a half fae, half witch, oversees an academy for delinquent teenage vampires. As if that weren’t difficult enough for her already, things take a turn for the worse when the vampire librarian at the academy, Professor Goreson, is murdered. Rebel is now on the hunt to find the killer and make the academy safe again.