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When a Senior Singles outing goes awry, Graham Parselle winds up dead on the bluff. Written off as a terrible accident, everyone is expected to let the incident go and grieve. However, the Fog Ladies can hardly pass the incident off as a simple accident, and are determined to uncover the truth. Nobody is safe from being a suspect, especially Olivia Honeycut’s newest love interest, Malcom.

Emilie Wilshire has been distraught and lonely since her best friend, Caitriona Murray, left her to go back to her husband in a time 1400 years ago. She still struggles to accept her new reality and focuses on spending all her time in her archaeological work. However, when she makes a recent discovery about her own ancestry, she longs for her best friend more than ever.

Catch Me If I Fall

Darcy Fletcher is twenty-one and at a stalemate in her life. She leaves college and returns home to Sugar Creek, hoping to find out her life’s purpose. Bouncing from job to job, she lands the unlikely position as nanny for the new high school coach’s five-year-old daughter, Sara. Evan Porter loves the small-town feel of Sugar Creek, and knows it’s the perfect place to raise his daughter.

Betty returned from Minneapolis to Pine Lake, Wisconsin, pregnant and hoping for sanctuary from her abusive, drunken husband, Harry. She brought her friend, Lizzie, and her husband, Fin, a baby named Grace to adopt as their child. Lizzie wants to help her friend and heal the rift between Alice and Betty.

MYSTERY: Emory Martinez is planning her best friend, Brads, wedding in addition to a Thanksgiving feast. Between this and her cupcake catering business, she is busy on her toes. With two weeks to go to the wedding, Emory and Brad discover a dead body at his home, and wedding venue.