Lizzie: The Homecoming (The Pine Lake Girls Book Three)


Betty returned from Minneapolis to Pine Lake, Wisconsin, pregnant and hoping for sanctuary from her abusive, drunken husband, Harry. She brought her friend, Lizzie, and her husband, Fin, a baby named Grace to adopt as their child. Lizzie wants to help her friend and heal the rift between Alice and Betty. The three friends vow the next generation of Pine Lake girls will be stronger because of their mothers' convictions between right and wrong. Lizzie wants to create a legacy to share the love she had with her father through his years of storytelling during her childhood. Her search uncovers a long-buried family secret. How will the secret impact her mother? Should the past remain buried—even from her closest friends? What will happen to Lizzie and her daughter if the local busybodies let this gossip spread throughout Pine Lake?

The society details of post-World War I illustrate the empowerment of women. Lizzie goes to extraordinary lengths to protect her friends and family. Fin supports his wife, Lizzie, as she plans alternatives to ensure the safety of Betty and her child. Lizzie positions Betty to change direction for herself and her daughter, using the values of her youth. These three women aren’t afraid to take risks to right the wrongs and expose the culprits. The threads of this story repeatedly tug at the readers' heartstrings, hoping these young women make the right choice. Women will embrace the changes each young mother experiences to help one another while enriching their own families. The story unfolds the commitment of lifelong friends, abhorrence of unjust brutality, and love of extended family.

Simone Dober