Where the Stars Lead (Pict by Time #2)


Emilie Wilshire has been distraught and lonely since her best friend, Caitriona Murray, left her to go back to her husband in a time 1400 years ago. She still struggles to accept her new reality and focuses on spending all her time in her archaeological work. However, when she makes a recent discovery about her own ancestry, she longs for her best friend more than ever. In an effort to move on, she moves away to modern-day Edinburgh, working in historical underground vaults and sharing tales of its history… Until one day, a tour goes awry and she finds herself in an all too familiar world with one mission — save her family, save Lucas.

The veil of time strikes again in this insatiable story of love, friendship, and family. While the first book in this series was more unique in its storytelling, the foundation of pulling Emilie back into the same time as her best friend, and direct ancestor, was an exciting twist to start off with. While this new revelation served its purpose in exposing the banshee’s warning, the surprise was brushed off quickly by the other characters and seemed to fall a little flat. Additionally, unlike book one, “Where the Stars Leads” has a stronger emphasis on the romance with Goodwin rather than the true purpose of being pulled back to 686 AD. There were also several instances where the character names were misused, which caused brief confusion in the reading. Despite this, the world and character building is still impeccable and will leave readers engaged and excited to see where Emilie’s life leads after her purpose has been fulfilled. Even with its minor faults, “Where the Stars Lead” is another beautiful story full of bold emotion that transcends through time and space.

Sadie Wilson