The Fog Ladies: Date with Death


When a Senior Singles outing goes awry, Graham Parselle winds up dead on the bluff. Written off as a terrible accident, everyone is expected to let the incident go and grieve. However, the Fog Ladies can hardly pass the incident off as a simple accident, and are determined to uncover the truth. Nobody is safe from being a suspect, especially Olivia Honeycut’s newest love interest, Malcom. He is simply too suave and smooth-talking to be innocent in this game. Could it have really been Malcom who pushed Graham over the edge? The Fog Ladies will stop at nothing to solve the mystery.

“The Fog Ladies: Date with Death” is an absolute bustle of comedic thrills! The Fog Ladies are such an interesting, diverse group of senior ladies with an impeccable sense of humor and respect for one another. As they race to uncover the mystery of Graham's death, the motives keep coming and it becomes more difficult to pinpoint any single suspect. The constant uncertainty of who-did-it is an absolute thrill, and the banter between the ladies keeps the story on the lighter side by adding the perfect amount of laughter. As the mystery unfolds and the ladies get closer to uncovering the true suspect, the anticipation builds and the words fly from the page even faster. Each new detail that surfaces brings another suspect to the table, with new dramas and horrors making finding the truth even more difficult. This is an absolute gem of a read that is cozy enough for any rainy day!

Sadie Wilson