Muddled Matrimonial Murder


MYSTERY: Emory Martinez is planning her best friend, Brads, wedding in addition to a Thanksgiving feast. Between this and her cupcake catering business, she is busy on her toes. With two weeks to go to the wedding, Emory and Brad discover a dead body at his home, and wedding venue. The victim is Brads former stalker, and all the evidence points towards his fiancé, Gabe, a police detective. The couple have further squabbles as Gabes old college friend comes to town, monopolizing his time, adding to Brads anxiety about the wedding. Emory and her cohorts put on their detective caps yet again to save their friends from jail and heartache. But will they find the killer in time to exonerate Gabe? Will there even be a wedding?

With a little of Nancy Drew, a smidge of Scooby doo, and a dash of Nigella Lawson, this is a light-hearted mystery filled with interesting recipes. The plot has the potential to be an intriguing storyline, but the characters with their amateur detective skills are more flighty than engaging. An inordinate amount of time is spent detailing recipes and preparation when there are more interesting themes to explore. Perhaps Emory could have spent more time trying to gather information from Gabe rather than go behind his back to prove his innocence? Or maybe worked closely with the detective? Emorys sleuthing skills and limited self-awareness leave much to be desired, considering this is the sixth book in this series. The story focuses too much on Emory and her baking and snooping, and would have benefited with more substance between Brad and Gabe, focusing on their turmoil and backstory. A quirky read to while away the hours.

Rika Chandra