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Mattie Duncan, headstrong daughter of the owners of Duncan Mercantile in Boston, has decided to become a firefighter to be closer to the man she loves. Jack Taylor, suffering from guilt for his younger brother's fiery death two years ago, reluctantly agrees to train her. Out of respect for his brother's unrequited feelings for Mattie, he decides he can never pursue a relationship with her.

HISTORICAL: Wanting to wield his ability to fly using wings inherited from his Fae father is a secret desire Liam MacCleod cannot deny. He just has to sneak into the Fae Realm, avoid getting his halfling arse kicked, and being stabbed and left for dead.

Lauren Murata, a scholar of gender studies, meets Kazu Mori at the bake sale held at his daughter’s school. Kazu Mori has recently lost his wife, so he is new to the dating scene. However, while at the school, Lauren and Kazu meet and realize how close their children are to each other.

After practically banishing her to Vietnam for three years, Candance Crane has no interest in the famous and stunningly handsome Ruben Palmer – except to make it to the top floor of Palmer Hotels HQ. She doesn’t count on her stepsister showing up Candance’s second day back with a baby, and then bailing without him.

HISTORICAL: Ellie Nomikos knew her past would catch up to her someday, but she didn’t expect to be ordered to kill the man who once held her heart. However, Ellie has no interest in obeying the crime lord threatening her, and instead she determines to find Dan Moriarty and hope that the lies that tore them apart won’t keep them from saving their daughter now.