One Small Secret (Gift Wrapped Romance)


After practically banishing her to Vietnam for three years, Candance Crane has no interest in the famous and stunningly handsome Ruben Palmer – except to make it to the top floor of Palmer Hotels HQ. She doesn’t count on her stepsister showing up Candance’s second day back with a baby, and then bailing without him. Between everyone thinking the baby is hers, and one mistake at work, Candance finds her return home to be more complicated than expected, especially once she runs into Ruben again. Despite him ignoring her for the past three years, Candance now can’t seem to shake him, but the chance to fall back into their former friendship, or perhaps even more, might just be the Christmas magic they both want after all.

One of the best Holiday Contemporary romances, “One Small Secret” has everything fans can adore! It’s Hallmark-esqe in that the female lead is a driven career woman, and the hero is the handsome heir of a local business. But this second chance romance actually balances the duo, gives their relationship depth, and some actual communication to go along with the sparks. Add in some hilarious moments, and some realistic emotions by the main leads that practically leap off the page, and this book isn’t one to put down. The pace of the plot is steady, and all the side characters are both believable and properly utilized to help the main characters grow. While neither the main idea nor the ending are unique, the story is such a delight to read that if readers are only going to read one Christmas themed book this year, this book should definitely be a contender!

Sarah E Bradley