One Hour in Freedom (Lion's Zoo Book 3)


HISTORICAL: Ellie Nomikos knew her past would catch up to her someday, but she didn’t expect to be ordered to kill the man who once held her heart. However, Ellie has no interest in obeying the crime lord threatening her, and instead she determines to find Dan Moriarty and hope that the lies that tore them apart won’t keep them from saving their daughter now. Dan Moriarty didn’t expect to see Ellie again after accusing her of treason so long ago, but he’s not surprised to find out someone is targeting him. Uncovering the corruption in the Thames River Police, stopping the crime lord targeting him, and reuniting with his family become his priority, and with the help of some old friends from Lion’s Zoo, he might be able to accomplish all three, and get justice from some past troubles as well.

A quick paced adventure with all the excitement of romance, former spies, and a bit of mystery, “One Hour of Freedom” is a fantastic book that can be read as a standalone but is best read in order to fully understand the drama and troubles that began in prior books. The cast of characters are interesting and distinct, and the sparks between Ellie and Dan begin from the moment they see each other again until passion cannot be denied any longer while still leaving much to the reader’s imagination. The mystery and adventure plotlines smoothly tie up many loose ends and keep the story engaging, even when conversation involving detangling lies, motives, and possibilities is the focus. The only downside is that readers are only told about the villain getting their just desserts instead of being shown it. Overall, readers who love spies, adventure, and a healthy does of romance should definitely take a look at this book!

Sarah E Bradley