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Texas Ranger Benjamin Edwards has been given one last assignment before retiring. He is to accompany Professor Jessie Reeves out in the field so Jessie can study the flora and fauna of Texas. No one is more surprised than Edwards upon learning Jessie Reeves is a woman!

Left behind in England, Greer is a prisoner of her evil Uncle Randolph. Greer is horrified by her uncle’s recent betrothal agreement for her to marry the greedy and cruel Bartholomew. Randolph is only concerned with the prestige the marriage will bring to him. Meanwhile, in Scotland, Greer’s mother, Cecille, is plotting with Teagon to rescue Greer.

Orphan Rayne lives with her Aunt Everleigh and her husband Griffin by a house which has stood empty for some time. Unbeknownst to her relatives, Rayne sneaks over to the empty house because she loves the wisteria covered arbor. But on this day, just as she cleared the steps on the fence, she spies the most handsome man ever. The new owner speaks with a delightful Scottish brogue.


This story has received a DNF as it violates our guidelines for steam content.

Chelsea Andersen

NOVELLA: Playwright Viola Black will do whatever it takes to get her plays sold, including dressing like a man. Her father is gracious enough to turn a blind eye to this behavior until she’s cornered on the street one night. Nothing can convince him it was a one time incident, and she begins to suspect there is more to the situation than what meets the eye. Dr.