Lady Mary’s Dangerous Encounter (The Beresford Adventures Book 1)


Promising an old friend that he would look out for the man’s younger sister, Lord Stephen Stanhope sets out to find Lady Maryann Beresford, an impetuous adventurer on a quest to visit her older sister in Vienna. When Lady Mary’s traveling companion disappears, the young woman is distraught to find that no one in the small Swiss Alps Inn will support her claim. Once Lord Stephen catches up with Lady Mary, he too believes she’s prone to hyperbole. That is until an attempt is made on Mary’s life.

Cheryl Bolen paints a lyrically beautiful picture of life in Victorian times in this first book in what promises to be an exciting new series. The story will engage the reader immediately. The author does an excellent job of introducing us to the young and often troublesome heroine, as well as the willingness of the hero to honor his friend’s request without regard for money or his own valuable time and commitments. Once the two main characters meet, it’s a wonderful clash of wills. She’s headstrong, and he’s grateful she’s not his sister. One can tell that sparks are going to fly between these two. Mary’s steadfast refusal to not leave the inn until she’s found her missing traveling companion is admirable, as is Stephen’s willingness to not only protect her, but help her in her quest. The added element of suspense surrounding the disappearance of the elderly Miss Willets is well done, without overshadowing the romantic elements. If one is a fan of romantic suspense in an historical setting, this book is definitely one to pick up!

N.E. Kelley