Theodosia: A Proxy Mail Order Bride


Theodosia “Theo” Jordan has spent the last eight years living with Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim in Atlanta since the death of her parents. Now, just a few weeks from turning twenty-one, she is poised to inherit the estate her uncle has held in trust for her since their death. Little does Theo know is that her uncle has lost most the funds, and he and Aunt Sally have devised several ways to kill her off. Learning the truth, Theo becomes a proxy mail order bride and flees to Texas. Huston McKinsley has been burned by mail order brides before, but reluctantly agrees to a proxy bride. He’s a widower and needs a wife for his two young children. Little does Huston know how easy it will be to fall in love with Theo.

Grab this creative and engaging historical romance! These characters are so real. Theo is a wonderful blend of gutsy and sweet. Her courage and determination will endear her to readers.  Little Maggie is a miniature spitfire. Houston is vulnerable, yet tender and tough, depending on what situation he’s in.  He is every bit a man worthy of Theo’s love. There’s nothing mediocre about this story; it’s imaginative and filled with well-defined characters. At times the dialogue and scenes seem a little predictable, yet they’re still entertaining. The ending wrapped up a little too easily, without much fanfare. For the historical reader who likes their romance sweet and their stories creative and well crafted, they will be pleased with Ms. Clemmons’ “Theodosia”.

Emerson Matthews